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Minimally Invasive Surgery Study Group

     (From Left to Right)- Dr. Dave Dizon, Dr. Rafael Bundoc, and Dr. Samuel Grozman organized the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Study Group specifically to bring the latest of what spine technology can offer in the country.  They strive to bring minimally invasive spine surgery to the average Filipino patients by adopting, innovating existing technology and designing systems that could propagate minimally invasive spine surgery in the country.  They have also opened their doors to training aspiring spine surgeons in their passion for the art and science of spine surgery.

      Dr. Dominic Villa is the anesthesiologist who works with the minimally invasive spine surgery study group.  Together they have simplified and streamlined processes to enable many of their minimally invasive spine procedures as an ambulatory or out-patient surgery by utilizing the best standard protocols of pain management.

      The well trained nurses of the FMAB Ambulatory Day Surgery Center assist the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Study Group in their procedures.  They also provide patients with the best post-operative care to make their short stay in the recovery room pleasant and comfortable.  They maintain the minimally invasive OR suite and make sure of it safely operates. 

The minimally invasive surgery suite of the FMAB Ambulatory Day Surgery Center

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