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Our Advocacy

         The anatomy of the spine is very complicated. Its ailments are poorly understood. Its management, more so if surgical, has been avoided for fear of usually baseless dreaded outcomes.
     It is our advocacy to educate and enlighten everyone so that they will be properly informed and guided on the spine disorders that ails them and their loved ones. In the same manner we wish to enlighten patients regarding the different treatment modalities of their spine problems and to show everyone that quality treatment is very much available in our country.

        This webpage will clarify confusing terminologies that they might hear from their doctors.  It would be nice to go over this webpage before and after consultations with your specialists.  We hope that your visit to this webpage can greatly help in your decision-making.

Copyright UPMC Spine Specialists (2012) Manila, Philippines

No illustrations should be copied from this Website without the permission of the webmaster


Many illustrations in this Web Page were borrowed from open source Netter Anatomical Illustrations and the Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy.  However most of the original borrowed illustrations may not be recognized anymore.  Most of them were digitally modified and altered to serve the purposes of discussions and explanations contained within this web.

Other illustrations are originally drawn by the Webmaster.

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